1Cocopeat is a natural substrate obtained by splitting coconut shells and fibers into small pieces. The natural pH of the plant growth environment, which has been used in the world since the 90's and has become widespread, is between 5.5-6.4. COCOPEAT can be used for seeding, cutting and potting.

It absorbs 9 times the water and nutrients of its dry weight and stores it in its body and nourishes the plant when needed. Thanks to its loose structure, it creates the optimum rooting and growth environment.

It saves water, fertilizer, time and labor. Cocopeat, which has excellent drainage feature, does not get lumpy or stick. It is long-lasting and economical.

Cocopeat-2Advantages & Benefits of Cocopeat

  • Equal distribution of water and air throughout the substrate - effective branching of roots.
  • High water capacity combined with adequate air.
  • High buffer capacity.
  • Slow rotting.
  • It is reusable and very suitable for composting.
  • It is completely organic, so that it is easily blend into nature.
  • It is more nutritious compared to perlite and rock wool.
  • Because is water retention rate is high, the grown product becomes shiny, fleshy and tight.
  • Due to its high water retention rate, it saves fertilizer, water and labor.

CocopeatPhases of Cocopeat Production

  1. Coconut shells are collected
  2. They are impregnated by keeping them in water pools.
  3. Washing process according to demand is done with calcium nitrate.
  4. The fiber and powder are separated by machines.
  5. Long fibers and dust are separated by composting.
  6. Long fibers are removed from the dust by double elimination process again.
  7. Blowing (hot air blowing) process is applied according to demand.
  8. These separated fibers are washed and laid under the sun to be dried.
  9. These dried fibers are compressed and packed into pallets.
  10. Structure of the materials is prepared according to demand, in layers or as a mixture.

Cocopeat (1)Cocopeat (2)

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